What We Are

The Applied Commercial Law Research Hub (ACLRH) is a network established to promote research and knowledge exchange on matters relating to the development and reform of commercial law in Nigeria. It responds to the challenges that emerging economies like Nigeria face in designing commercial laws that fit both their realities and the interconnected global systems through three principal means. First, it creates a collaborative environment in which researchers with expert knowledge of the international and Nigerian contexts can interact with the stakeholders, who deal with the practicalities and consequences of the reforms, to shape reform policies. Second, it creates an ecosystem through which high-quality research can be facilitated. Third, it provides an access point to informed contextual research on commercial law in Nigeria.

ACLRH creates collaborative spaces for interaction through its conferences and round-table events. It facilitates the development of research through its workshops at which research methodologies and methods are discussed. The workshops also offer an avenue through which established researchers provide capacity building and mentorship opportunities to early career researchers. The ACLRH website offers a valuable resource for those interested in research output on commercial law in Nigeria through its research dissemination facilities.

Membership of ACLRH is open to researchers, lawmakers, draftsmen, policymakers, regulators, enforcers and users of commercial law in Nigeria.

What We Do

Collaboratively shaping commercial law reform in Nigeria  through contextual research and stakeholder integration.


— Facilitate connections amongst stakeholders interested in the research, enactment, development, use or enforcement of commercial law in Nigeria.

— Influence the ongoing reform of commercial law in Nigeria through our activities.


— Promote informed and contextual understanding of commercial law in Nigeria by encouraging the development and use of suitable research methodologies and methods.

— Encourage the development of early career researchers through interactions with established researchers.


— Provide a platform for the dissemination of research on commercial law in Nigeria.

— Provide a repository for research into commercial law in Nigeria.

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